Support For Business

How can you help your staff

UCARE offer a free service to businesses. We offer businesses the chance to have UCARE provide them with a programme to support the Health and Well Being of their Staff.

This is a priority for workplaces and is now increasingly more important. Businesses need to be thinking about the health and well being of their staff and how best to support them. A healthy staff is more productive and also much happier and therefore retention will also be higher.

Allow us to support you in the care of your staff.

Our programmes are comprised of the following.

  • Men's and Women's Health Issues
  • What is Cancer and supporting people who are returning to work after a serious illness
  • Mindfulness
  • The importance of physical activity

We have been very lucky to have the opportunity to work with the Amplified Group. Amplified Group advisers specialise in developing leadership, generating team alignment and energising organisations for change. They have supported and enhanced some of the projects we are working on. They are mainly focussed on Business and improving the way that teams work.

Find out more

Please contact Gemma if you would like to hear more about the work we are doing for businesses or if you would like to be involved in any of the work we do within the community.