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Presenting a cheque to UCARE

The urological cancers are not "sexy", they are not "cool" - no cancer is. However the embarrassment surrounding kidney, bladder, testicular and prostate cancer is acute.

Definitely a "brush it under the carpet", "save it for a rainy day", "let's put it off for month or two" type of approach when dealing with the Waterwork cancers.

Our message is crucial - Be aware and get educated, as early diagnosis is key to successful treatment.


By sponsoring a UCARE research project, fundraising event or education activity we can together raise awareness for you, the sponsor and us, the charity. We have a list as long as our arm of creative research projects, fun community events, awareness and publicity media plans and any number of projects which together we can fund and run.

The research we fund receives worldwide acclaim. Great progress has been made in the treatment of these waterwork cancers and we are keen to fund further research projects throughout the UK. We can all benefit from the research being done here at Oxford - nationally and internationally.

Corporate support

We can create an exciting charity based partnership, which can support your business by endorsing your commitment to the community tied in with social and health related objectives. We can design and build unique, tailor made packages to suit your company's needs and requirements that will work to the mutual benefit of all involved.

The health care needs of the community are at the forefront of the UCARE charitable objectives. Key to successful treatment is early diagnosis and treatments, so our part in educating the public on what to look out for in the signs and symptoms of urological cancers, help people make improved life style choices, and to give advice on seeking early intervention is very important.

Corporate donations & gifts in kind

In most cases, corporate gifts are subject to tax relief and corporate giving is quick and easy to set up. Companies can gift shares, bonds and donate investments too, not just money!

Equally, gifts in kind are just as valuable to us. Time, expertise and prizes for the auctions we hold at our various events are all hugely appreciated. Please do get in touch if you would like to offer help or professional advice to us in any way.

We hold one or two big fund raising events each year. Theatre tickets, holiday lets, "IT" handbags, bungee jumps, Indian head massages - you name it, we'd love to auction it on behalf of the charity!

Charity of the Year & employee fundraising

By making UCARE your company's Charity of the Year we can work together with your staff and create a number of fun and exciting ways to fundraise in the community. Between us we can create campaigns to suit your company and create a positive message for both partners.

Payroll giving (or Give As You Earn) is also a simple way for employees to make regular tax-free payments to a charity of their choice.

The difference with giving to UCARE

  • You will know exactly where and what your money and donations are going to and the difference that it is making to real people's treatment and lives.
  • You will make a huge impact upon a relatively small charity, which appreciates and cherishes all forms of support - big or small.
  • You will become involved with our projects and we'd like you to! Hands on visits to our Laboratories where vital research is taking place. Meet our Consultants and Clinicians to understand and hear how your contributions are making a world of difference to the advances in treating and curing these cancers.
  • You will be forever appreciated and we will ensure that your support is personally recognised. We are a "family" not a sprawling "foundation" and our friendships with our sponsors and donors are cherished and appreciated.

In return

(And let's face it; we cannot expect to receive without giving ourselves in return!)

  • We can send someone to your company or business or organisation to talk openly and without embarrassment about early detection of these cancers. Education and Awareness are KEY and early detection can lead to successful treatment.
  • We can open the doors of our laboratories and invite you to watch first hand the vital research being funded by UCARE towards significant cures to these cancers.
  • We can offer you our complete commitment to a rewarding partnership, which we shall do our utmost to ensure benefits you as much as it does us, the charity UCARE.

Contact UCARE

This is personal - in every which way…

Please do give us a call, We'd love to speak to you, meet you and discuss with you how we could work together to really make a difference.