UCARE Tulips at the Cotswold Wildlife Park

In the Autumn of 2019 1000 of UCARE's unique tulip bulbs were planted at the Cotswold Wildlife Park for visitors to enjoy the display in May 2020. Sadly, the park had to be closed because of lockdown, so they were never seen by the general public. But we hope that the video and photos will be enjoyed now.

These bulbs are sold to raise funds for research and education into urological cancers; they are unique to the charity and their sales bring hope and brighter futures for people with urological cancer.

It's a belief that we hold dear to our hearts and especially so now. Things have changed quite dramatically for our charity, as it has for many households. Maintaining income for cancer research is a now our new challenge.

We hope that by sharing the photos and videos of the beautiful sea of pink we can bring some hope, joy and happiness, and show that nature flourishes and things will change for everyone soon. Our sincere thanks to Reggie and his wonderful team.