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Fundraising and events calendar

Please send us your fundraising news and photos so we can thank you publicly and encourage others to get involved. If you are planning any fundraising in 2015, please do let us know.

Please take a moment to send us your email address, so that we might update you more personally. Thank you.

5K Colour Obstacle Rush

June 2015

Seetal Patel, Roopal Patel, Bhavna Patel, Priya Patel, Pritesh Patel, Laura Tully, Gerard Milliken, Sima Goldney, Andrew Goldney will be participating in memory of Nilay Patel.

At the age of 36, Nilay was appointed as a consultant Urological Surgeon at the Churchill Hospital Oxford in February 2012, after many years of determination, hard work and perseverance.

He was always so dedicated to his profession and cared very deeply for his patients. It meant a lot to him, and he was proud that he could help save and improve lives.

Since his sudden passing in May 2014, his wife Seetal, has been inspired to help build a lasting legacy for him. She was honoured to be given the position of trustee of UCARE who are an independent charity committed to improving the treatment and care of cancer patients.

Blenheim Triathlon

Sunday 14th June

Once again The Charndon Collection (Andy Protheroe, Jayne Protheroe, Harry Protheroe, Issy Protheroe, Russ Evans, Caz Evans, Jemima Evans, Clare Stroud, Anne Hawkins, Kris Hampson, Bev Hampson, Will Kellett, Sarah Kellett, Liz Coulter, Allan Coulter, Bob Evans, Beverley Evans, Stu Barber) will be doing our bit to help fight the dreadful disease that is cancer and fielding a number of teams and individuals (from young to not so young, from fit to not so fit), at the 2015 Blenheim Triathlon over the weekend of the 13-14 June 2015.

After last years successful event, this year see's even more individuals and teams participating under the banner: 'The Charndon Collection'

Bulb day at Waterperry Gardens

Wednesday 9th September

Waterperry Gardens logoUCARE and Waterperry Gardens will be kicking off the bulb planting season with a special ‘Bulb’ day. The day will feature speakers on bulb planting and management held in the Ballroom of the house, tours of the garden. UCARE’s tulip bulb as well as the plants for Waterperry will be on sale. The day will open at 10am.

Our very special thanks to Waterperry Gardens who are donating all entrance proceeds from the day to UCARE and to Robert Jacobs, Horticultural Manager for his time and commitment to help UCARE.

UCARE Golf Day

Friday 11th September 2015

We hope you will join us for this great day which includes breakfast, a delicious meal, wine, prizes, and of course a fantastic day of golf.

Rotary Blenheim - Woodstock and Kidlington Rotary Club supporting UCARE

Sunday 18th October 2015

This year UCARE will benefit from the two charity runs in Blenheim Park

  • Blenheim 10 K run
  • Blenhiem 5 K run

Make one small change for UCARE

We hope you can join us at events in 2015 or perhaps organise your own event.

If you are not up to running, triathlons, Dragon boats etc, there is still a lot you can do to help.