Let’s celebrate seventy years of the NHS

Seventy years of transformational change in cancer care and outcome.

The discoveries to date over the life of the NHS have benefited many thousands of individuals who have been diagnosed with different cancers. From discoveries understanding the biology of disease leading to new druggable targets and drugs themselves; surgical developments leading to better surgical outcomes and enabling more curative surgery; transformational radiotherapy techniques curing thousands of patients; discovery and development of chemotherapies, and harnessing the immune system leading to developments in immunotherapy.

So many of these discoveries and developments have happened within the NHS and may not have happened without the team work, collaboration and excellence within and that the NHS fosters and develops.

It’s an unrecognisable cancer care in 2018 compared with 1948 and there has been so much discovery and change that it is impossible to mention all of the incredible developments that have happened within the NHS over these years.

There are many articles that celebrate the successes and we in UCARE wish to join in the celebrations of the recognition of all the amazing discoveries that continue to happen month by month.

Seventy years from now cancer care will undoubtedly be different, be better, be unrecognisable from today thanks to the first seventy years of the NHS.

Let’s celebrate seventy years of the NHS, seventy years of discoveries, seventy years of patient support leading to the treatments we have today, and will have tomorrow.

The NHS provides a wide range of treatments and care for people with cancer… but they can’t do this alone. In order to give patients the best all round care, the NHS forges strong partnerships not only with local authorities, but – just as importantly - with a wide range of charities and voluntary agencies as well. They play a vital role in helping us ensure the people in their care receive the best treatments, the best support and the best advice that they can offer.