Applying for grants

Covid-19 update

Please do not download these forms for grant applications as due to COVID-19 and the subsequent suspension of grants we cannot accept any grant applications at this time.

We are working hard to increase our research funding income and would greatly appreciate any help you can provide by following us on social media and widening our reach in your network.

Further information will be available in 2023.

What we fund

We support applications for Research; Research equipment and consumables; Education.

We aim to fund the best quality research and all applications are reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Committee and may be subject to external review if the application is for more than £50,000.

However, UCARE currently is only offering grants of up to £20,000. These small or pump-priming grants provide an opportunity for researchers, academics and clinicians to develop their research experience in addressing specific questions relevant to urological cancers. UCARE aims to fund projects that are in the early stages of development, facilitating collection of pilot data which would ideally form the basis for high quality competitive applications for further support from other funding bodies.

How to apply

We would ask that you look at our Research Strategy for guidance in the first instance, and would be pleased to talk to you about your application (details as below).

After a peer review process, our Scientific Advisory Committee will meet each year to discuss the applications and the Committee will then recommend to the Charity's Board of Trustees the projects that should receive funding. Feedback will be given shortly after the Trustees approval.

Please be aware of our Terms & Conditions (pdf) of grant award.

Monitoring & Evaluation

UCARE requires all grant holders of grants to complete and return an Annual Report Evaluation Form and where possible we ask you to provide an annual reconciliation of funds to ensure grants have been used for the purpose for which it was awarded and that costs meet the conditions of the grant. Grant holders are also expected to submit a annual report & final report (Word document).

The purpose of the Evaluation Form is to enable UCARE to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of its grant-making. If the grant was made for one year and you are applying for an extension or a grant for continuation for another year, please also complete this form and provide the additional information requested.

Completion of these forms is a requirement of UCARE in awarding a grant and can be seen in a copy of our Terms and Conditions of grants (pdf). Failure to submit an Evaluation Form may result in further grant payments being withheld.

Further information

To discuss an application or request an application form, please contact: