Prostate cancer bone metastases

Dr Claire EdwardsThis research project investigates how prostate cancer spreads from the prostate to the bone, in order to identify new ways to prevent this. Once prostate cancer spreads to the bone (bone metastases), there is no cure.

At present, undertaking these studies is very difficult. These cellular functions and interactions are active processes where timing is critical and it is not currently possible to study these cellular functions as they are occurring. The research team requested funding for the purchase of a JuLI™ Stage Real-Time Cell History Recorder (CHR).

This equipment is vital as it will allow the research team to observe the cellular changes and interactions (e.g. cell death, growth, movement) between prostate cancer cells and bone cells as they happen. These studies are essential to find new mechanisms that control the spread of prostate cancer to the bone and the development of bone disease. This will lead to the identification of novel therapeutic approaches to treat prostate cancer bone metastases.

We have now funded this vital piece of equipment.

Pictured is Dr Claire Edwards who is working on the project.