Testicular cancer prosthesis study

This research project investigates men’s experiences and views towards testicular cancer prosthesis/implants and explores the current practices and views of UK health professionals, in order to inform how support and information given to men regarding testicular prosthesis could be optimised.

At present, around a quarter of men with testicular cancer will opt for a testicular prosthesis/implant following surgery. However, little is known about health care professionals’ practices and views in terms of how and at what point a prosthesis is discussed with men.

There is some evidence that the practice may vary across the UK according to, in part, the beliefs of health professionals. Few previous research studies have explored men’s views on this topic, particularly regarding views on the support and information surrounding prosthesis and body image generally. Therefore, there is a need for more up-to-date UK studies.

This research project will involve an online survey of testicular cancer health professionals as well as a survey of around 500 testicular cancer patients, including men who have a prosthesis and those without. The survey will ask men about their quality of life, views towards prosthesis, relationships, wellbeing and body image. We will also be conducting in-depth interviews with men and health professionals.

This study will inform how best to support men in the future, including ways of helping men decide whether or not to have a prosthesis.

The project will be led by Dr Lauren Matheson, Research Fellow, Oxford Brookes University.