Papers and publications

These papers and publications have come from UCARE supported research.

Harnessing the potential of multimodal radiotherapy in prostate cancer

Yiannis Philippou, Hanna Sjoberg, Alastair D. Lamb, Philip Camilleri & Richard J. Bryant

Nature Reviews Urology (2020)

Increased EZH2 expression in prostate cancer is associated with metastatic recurrence following external beam radiotherapy

Xiaoning Wu1, Helen Scott, Sigrid V. Carlsson, Daniel D. Sjoberg, Lucia Cerundolo, Hans Lilja, Remko Prevo, Guillaume Rieunier, Valentine Macaulay, Geoffrey S. Higgins, Clare L. Verrill, Alastair D. Lamb,nVincent T. Cunliffe, Chas Bountra, Freddie C. Hamdy, Richard J. Bryant

The Prostate Volume 79, Issue 10, 18 May 2019

Dsh homolog DVL3 mediates resistance to IGF-1R inhibition by regulating IGF-RAS signalling

Corresponding author: Dr Valentine Macaulay

Cancer Research, August 2014

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

David Cranston

Science Omega Review UK: Issue 1

Common genetic variants at the 11q13.3 renal cancer susceptibility locus influence binding of HIF to an enhancer of cyclin D1 expression

Johannes Schödel, Chiara Bardella, Lina K Sciesielski, Jill M Brown, Chris W Pugh, Veronica Buckle, Ian P Tomlinson, Peter J Ratcliffe & David R Mole

Nature Genetics January 2012

Renal Cyst Formation in Fh1-Deficient Mice Is Independent of the Hif/Phd Pathway: Roles for Fumarate in KEAP1 Succination and Nrf2 Signaling

Correspondence - Patrick Pollard

Cancer Cell, Volume 20, Issue 4, 524-537, 18 October 2011

Extracorporeal high intensity focused ultrasound for renal tumours: a 3-year follow-up

Robert W. Ritchie, Tom Leslie, Rachel Phillips, Feng Wu, Rowland Illing, Gail Ter Haar, Andrew Protheroe, David Cranston

BJU International Volume 106, Issue 7, pages 1004-1009, October 2010

Laparoscopic high-intensity focused ultrasound for renal tumours: a proof of concept study

Robert W. Ritchie1, Tom A. Leslie1, Gareth D.H. Turner, Ian S.D. Roberts, Leonardo D'Urso, Devis Collura, Andrea Demarchi, Giovanni Muto, Mark E. Sullivan

BJU International Volume 107, Issue 8, pages 1290-1296, April 2011